Solar System Model

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Build a precision mechanical solar system

– Engraved base plate and ring for calibration
– Precision engineered brass gears
– Unique exposed gear train
– Simple assembly with clear instruction
– Includes electric motor and adapter
– Features eleven planets and their moons

A Truly Unique Model

Solar Model


Inspired by the original Orrery and the classical scientific instruments of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, this mechanical model of the solar system is not only a work of art, but a functioning model of the solar system as it is known in the time that we are living. When complete, this beautiful model stands 37cm high with a span of 60cm at its widest point – a truly impressive museum-quality statement piece to display in your own home.

The Brass Gear Train

This unique design features an exposed gear train that controls the speed and ratio of the orbits of the eleven planets as they move around the sun. Made from solid brass, the gears and hand-polished and lacquered to minimise tarnishing.

The Planets

Fashioned from silver-plate, your planets are hand painted to capture the nature and defining characteristics of the real planets. They slot easily on to a fixed pin at the top of each support arm. The major moons of each planet are silver plated steel.

An Original Design

The solar system model is adapted from an original 1980s design by British engineer, inventor and metal worker Louis Calmels. This version was first created in 2008 and and was endorsed by Sir Patrick Moore who said “This Orrery is attractive and accurate and I heartily recommend it”.